Seller’s Guide

A Guide for Sellers
 -Post: Log in to your account select (post new job) a content box appears. 1. Name of your job/product/ or skill (example) I am engineer, software product, item. 2. Job Pricing: If you sell your work, you can set the price per hour of your work (for example) per hour of setting up your website at $5. 3. Category: Select the category you want, Design, Graphics, in the selection fields if not in your category choose (other category) This will make your post easy to find  easier. 4. Job/product description: minimum 35 characters maximum 1000 characters for your job description field (tips) please describe your job seriously and fully to avoid controversy after closing  order.  Please describe with keywords in that description (for example) I can do logo design then (design, logo is your keyword) please get the keywords below to help your search.  people easier.  Each keyword is separated by a comma. 5. Buyer Guide: Slide the unlock bar so that the buyer guide function is displayed when your order is shipped.  When you ship the order the buyer will receive your instructions and usage (example) Hello buyer this is your order and how to use it as follows….. (Tip) please make a request  Ask buyers to give your account a good review (ex.) After receiving the goods please rate 5 stars, thanks! 6. Frequently asked questions: Ask your own questions, doubts and answer them yourself to help buyers understand how to use your product / work (for example) how to use the product.  How does this product work?  and give your answer for that product.  Or you can also make additional offers to increase the price of goods and sell more goods.  If you make an offer to sell more for more income you must include a delivery deadline for your add-on. 7. Cover photo and job description: Upload a cover photo for your product page, this increases the interaction for the product.  Cover photo is allowed 180 x 980px high quality. 8. Image description: Please post accurate images related to your products and work (It is strictly forbidden to upload wrong content, content is prohibited) Account will be permanently closed for wrong behavior  left.  In addition, you can also send a video link to promote that work/product. 9. Coming soon: There are 3 sales categories you want.  Example: Fast delivery (check the box for fast delivery) If the buyer wants faster delivery, give a price for those requests.  $5 for 6 days, $10 for 3 days.  If the buyer wants faster, the price will be higher. 10. Additional description: Give the buyer a reason to understand the order (why the price is higher) why they have to pay more.